What We Do

Connected Realities helps people work together more effectively and move from shared problems toward shared solutions. We successfully and compassionately help individuals and groups to navigate complex issues. Our methods can help you and your group improve teamwork, transform conflict, and engage effectively, ensuring all voices are heard with respect. Ultimately, our aim is to support inclusive work environments that operate at high levels of productivity and harmony.

Meeting & Process Facilitation

We help with all phases of meeting and workshop planning, design, and facilitation, whether the goal is collaboration and consensus-building, community engagement, or conflict transformation. We work with partners to collaboratively develop the meeting purpose, desired outcomes, to determine who needs to be present and how to reach out to participants. Throughout, we provide input about accessible meeting locations and how to minimize barriers to participation. Our team helps design meeting agendas, detailed facilitator’s agendas, exercises, activities, and handouts. We are adept in helping with technological needs in meetings including A/V equipment and online engagement tools.

Responsive and Adaptive Planning Models

We employ a myriad of strategic planning tools and customized approaches to key-in on the most foundational issues and future opportunities for our clients. We create customized and adaptive planning approaches that enable organizations and communities to strategize around “the real stuff”. Even the best-laid strategic plans can be improved when tactics are updated to reflect changing realities and new information. We show decision-makers how to increase success through adaption.

Training Development and Delivery

We develop and deliver customized training to strengthen individual and team skills in meeting and group facilitation, community engagement, and equitable participation. All of our content can be delivered in-person, live online, or on-demand online.

If you want to achieve harmony and productivity through better team and community conversations … if you want to increase your success in meeting mission objectives and goals through dynamic strategic planning… if you want to build a work environment that is respectful and inclusive… we have solutions that will work for you, just as they have worked for so many others we’ve served. Let’s have a conversation. There is no cost or obligation to you for an initial consultation. We would love the opportunity to answer your questions and hear more about what you are seeking to accomplish. Use the form below to reach out to us!