The key to our success

Feb 18, 2023

“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.” – Abraham Lincoln


If you asked me (you didn’t, but I’ll tell you anyway), I would say that the key to our success as a team and as a company is our willingness to be messily and flagrantly human, understand what there is to learn from the mess, do our personal work of healing and growing, and then apply those lessons to our work.

Anything we teach our clients or ask our clients to do, we have probably already tried out on ourselves or recognized the need for because of something that happened on our team, or in a project.

That is how we know that it is possible for one person to irritate the crud out of another person simply by existing and being themselves!

Have you experienced this on teams or in meeting situations? Many of us have. You’d rather hitchhike a hundred miles than ride to a meeting with a certain person and be held captive by their conversation in the car. When you see that person milling about before a meeting, you do your very best to look busy so you can avoid having to talk to them. You find yourself bracing internally when that person opens their mouth to speak in a meeting because you already KNOW you’re going to be irritated by what they say. And you would never ever EVER sign up to be on a committee with them. Nope. No way. You’d rather have a leisurely root canal.

As it turns out, the things that make a person so irritating to you are not necessarily inherent personality flaws, but differences in your People Styles*. They don’t need to be fixed or changed. You just need to understand the differences in your People Styles in order to figure out how to work together well.

Each style has predictable characteristics:

Take a look at our People Styles Video to learn more and contact us for more information about how Style differences impact your teams and projects. – Joy